Junior Safety Officers

Junior Safety Officers

Hi. we are St Wilfrid's  Junior Safety Officers (JSO); our role involves talking to our peers about safety in school, on the roads and in the home. We have a notice board, which we put information on about safety and we talk about safety in assemblies. We also organise competitions.

Road Safety At The Front Of School

We went out in our highviz yellow jackets and with clip boards and observed how children and adults approached safety on the road. On the whole we saw lots of people using the pavements properly, unfortunatley we also saw some people walking in front of cars on the turning circle at the front of schools. PLEASE KEEP ON THE PAVEMENTS AND OFF THE ROAD! 

We invited CWAC road safety team to talk about road safety. Lue Ellis and Gillian Shaw talked about the Green Cross Code and DIPZY.

If you are being DIPZY it means you are parking in a dangerous place or being inconsiderate, as follows:

D ouble yellow lines

I n front of driveways

P avements

Z ebra crossings

Y ellow zig zag lines

These rules are simple to follow and we asked all the children to go home and talk about DIPZY; as it could save a child from injury or death.

We also presented a powerpoint asking everyone NOT to walk or ride across the turning circle at the front of school. Please use the pavement. The message in the assembly was simple-  ROADS ARE FOR CARS; PAVEMENTS ARE FOR PEOPLE!

See you again soon thanks. smiley


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