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2019 / 2020

Speeding on Campus

Please can we ask all drivers not to speed on the campus road. The speed limit is 10 MPH.


St Wilfrid's Year 6 Junior Safety Officers

Their roles are to communicate information about road safety and to inspire the children in school Stop, Look, Listen and Think.

Welcome to Layla, Niveya and Lia


Parking At St Wilfrid's Primary School

  1. Thank you to all parents / carers for continuing to support our campaign to get cars to stop parking on Greenbank Lane. If you would like to use this car park you can buy daily tickets or termly tickets. More information available from the office.
  2. We have restricted parking outside the front of school to Blue Badge holders. We kindly ask that Blue Badge holders park in this area only.
  3. The staff only car park is at the rear of school, which we kindly ask parents and carers not park in at any time.
  4. In front of the kitchens we now have a designated area for our preschool parents in which they can safely park in the mornings. In the afternoons these parking spaces are allocated to Night Owl staff and Blue Badge Holders only.


Polluting the Air Our Children Breathe!

Any car parked outside the front of the school or in the car parking spaces please turn off your engines to reduce pollution while you wait.  


2018 /2019

Road Safety Update June 2018


Congratulations to Year 4 for successfully completing their Lets Walk Training.

Also a big thank you to all the parents who supported the training come rain or shine!




Dear Parents

It has come to our attention that inappropriate parking is causing a real problem outside local schools at the beginning and end of the school day. Cars are parking on double yellow lines, across driveways and on zigzags. Parking without consideration causes a hazard to pedestrians and other vehicles. It is vital that we deal with this problem head on before there is an accident, especially as the icy winter weather upon us.

There are several vehicles that appear to be taking liberties on a daily basis and their registration numbers have been noted and they will be advised accordingly.

Due to the gravity of this situation, Cheshire Police in conjunction with Cheshire West and Chester Council will now be taking positive actions and enforcing parking in the area.

If you live in close proximity to the school, please be encouraged to walk your children to school. If you do need to drive, here are some tips to remember …

•             Always park at least 10 meters from a junction

•             If you park with your wheels on a pavement. Think! Can a double buggy get past your car safely?

•             If you see Zigzags … No waiting, no stopping, NO PARKING!

•             Preventing someone from leaving their driveway is an offence. Use common sense and think of others.

Please help us create a safer environment for the pupils of our local schools.

Kind Regards

PCSO Cosgrove



Introduction Daily Parking Permits


Following feedback from parents, who have said they would like to use the playground car park but only need to use it 1 or 2 days a week.  We will be able to offer a batch of 10 daily parking permits for £6.00. These can be purchased from the office prior to use.

On entry to the car park you hand in the daily parking permit to a member of the car park staff.

Only cars with Termly Parking Permits or Daily Parking Permits will be allowed on St Nicholas Playground Car Park.

St Wilfrid’s would like to thank all parents and carers for their continued patience and support over the introduction of the new parking systems at St Wilfrid’s School. On the whole feedback is positive and the new parking system is working well .


Parking Update 6th January 2016.

A big thank you to those parents/carers who are supporting the new parking permit scheme.

Before Christmas we asked parents and carers two questions. Firstly would you be willing to pay for parking permits and secondly what you considered a reasonable amount. The response was positive enough for us, as a school, to feel confident about launching the parking permits scheme and that it would be well received by parents/carers. (See feedback below)

We do listen to our parents and would therefore like to clarify a few questions or concerns that have been expressed over the first few days of the scheme.

If there are enough parents taking part and using St Nicholas’s playground for parking we will be in a position to recruit staff. Mrs Weir, Mrs Bennett and I are only covering car parking duties on a temporary basis. We need 50 parking permits (@ 50p per day) sold to cover the costs to recruit 2 staff and additional related expences. We have no intention to make a profit, the more people who join the scheme means the costs of the permit will go down.

If you have any queries or have any ideas please email me at the email address above. I am open to suggestions that helps the scheme work better for you, the school and the local community.


ROAD SAFETY UPDATE 17th December 2015

Staff Car Park

We would remind everyone that, no parent / carer parking permitted at any time in the rear staff car park.

Pre-School Parking Trial-Morning Parking (January2016)

In January we are running a trial where we will be setting aside the spaces facing the kitchen as a designated area for parents with both pre-school and older St. Wilfrid’s siblings to park.

Parents of Pre-School Children with Older Siblings

If you have pre-school children with older sibling(s) in school please still use Drop & Go. You can then park in the spaces facing the kitchen. Please remain in your car until the older children and all staff are safely in school at 8.55am.

The disabled and visitors’ bays are not part of this new trial, and remain off limits to all except disabled blue badge holders and visitors.

Please do not block the entrance to the rear car park as the staff need access. If at any time this area is blocked, we will have no option but to cancel the trial parking in front of the kitchen, and initiate more restrictive measures.

Parents of Pre-School Only Children

Parents of pre-school only children are asked not arrive or park at the front of school before the main school Drop & Go scheme has finished at (approx. 8.55am). These parents should also not use the area in front of the kitchen, as this is being set aside for parents with both pre-school and older St. Wilfrid’s siblings only.

Single Day Parking

A number of parents have said they would like to use the playground car park but only need to use it 1 or 2 days a week. At this early stage, we can only offer weekly car parking permits.


ROAD SAFETY UPDATE 15th December 2015

St Wilfrid's Afternoon PARKING PERMITS

St Wilfrid’s Primary School & Preschool Permits to Park on St Nicholas “Playground Car Park”

A big thank you to all parents /carers for their feedback in regards to parking permits. In an ideal world we would not want parents to pay for parking but unfortunately parking on the campus is not ideal. We have worked hard to find the best solution to a difficult situation.

Over the last two weeks we have canvassed parents and carers about parking permits. We had the following responses:

  • 63% of main school and 66% of preschool parents and carers (who responded) said YES; and were happy to pay.

  • 95% of these said they were happy to pay between 50p to £1.00 per day.

  • 37% of parents said NO. When asked the main responses for a No answers were that they used Night Owls, walked or only picked up a couple of times per week. Only 5 parents said no as a “matter of principle”.


As a result the Afternoon Parking Permits Scheme will commence on Monday 4th January 2014.  

Parents who prefer not to take part in the permit scheme will be required not to bring their cars onto campus and to find alternative parking off site. Please park with consideration to residents on Greenbank estate; and note parking on St Nicholas’s car park is not allowed.

Only disabled blue badge holders who are picking up the children themselves, and St Wilfrid’s school taxis will be allowed to park at the front of school. Please note this will be monitored closely.

The form to apply for the permit can be found under the Parent letter section of our school website. Please read the full terms and conditions for use of parking permits and pay in the usual way.

The cost for the parking permits for the period 4th January 2016 to 24th March 2016 (58days @ 50p per day) is £ 29.00. Please note there is only one charge per family for multi parking permits.


Pick Up Your Parking Permit

To make a smooth transition to parking permits, parents can park on St Nicholas School Playground Car Park during the week commencing 4th January 2016 without showing the parking permit.

Parking permits need to be picked up from the School Office between Monday 4th January to Friday 8th January 2016. After that date NO entry to the car park will be allowed without the parking permit.


Morning Drop & Go

Our office ladies have done a brilliant job in supporting our parents and children with the drop and go in the mornings. This effective scheme continues as normal.


ROAD SAFETY UPDATE 3rd December 2015


St Nicholas has agreed to let us start using their playground for carparking on our return after the Christmas holidays. We will have to pay for two carpark supervisors to be on duty 2.30pm to 3.30pm Monday to Friday. As a consequence we will, if the majority are all willing, introduce CAR PARKING PERMITS. Cost to be confirmed.

Please note if we do not have enough positive responses we will have to reluctantly turn down St Nicholas's offer as we will not be able to afford to pay for carpark staff out of the school budget.

Please will all cars (except disabled drivers) park off site until parking permits are introduced. NO car should be parking on any yellow lines at the front of school.

Please fill in the questionaire when you come to the parents evening and let us know if you would be willing to pay for a permit and if so how much?


Unfortunatley due to a number of incidents with parents/carers cars in the staff car park, with immediate effect only staff and visitors displaying PARKING PERMITS will be allowed to park in the rear school car park. Only cars displaying blue disabled badges will be allowed to park in the disabled parking bays at the front of school.

Please note access to the staff car park will be restricted in the afternoon.


Please will all adults and children not walk on the car park at the rear of school or on the hatch area in front of school. Please keep to the paths.


Please will all parents and carers of pupils attending our school and preschool should NOT  park on St Nicholas car park. Thank You.

We have also been informed of the following works over February Half-term to the campus entrance.

  1. On the corner before the gates there is a plan to widen the footpath from corning to the gate

  2. Reinstate and raise the kerb around bend

  3. Resurface footpath on corner

  4. One bollard will be placed on this corner to stop vehicles mounting pavement

  5. Three bollards are also to be placed on corner by estate to stop vehicles mounting pavement

  6. CWAC are investigating regulations regarding placing zig-zags adjacent to campus entrance.

  7. It was agreed that a standing order variation could be 8.00am to 9.00am in the morning then in the evening 3.00pm to 4.00pm. CWAC would investigate this option.

  8. A discussion took place about the merits of barriers to separate pedestrians and traffic; as well as the benefits of traffic congestions creating safer roads as traffic moves slowly!

Incidents Logged

I am keeping a log of incidents as we continue to work with CWAC on improving safety for those children and parents who walk or cycle to school. Please report any incidents including cars and buses mounting the kerb or near incidents to the school office or to my e-mail at


Parents Survey

A big thank you to all parents and carers who filled in the Road Safety Parents Survey. Just to let you know the working party is pulling together an action plan to try to address your concerns. We are continuing to work with other outside parties and anticipate a meeting will take place in November with these groups. We will keep you updated.

You Said….

As a result of consultations with parents and key stakeholders on campus, these are the Road Safety group’s key objectives: 

  • Create a safe pedestrian route into school; with a safe drop off zone, fenced walkways and staffing to support children once dropped off.

  • Create safe cycle routes into school, avoiding the dangerous S bend.

  • Improve safety of pupils by making the S bend entrance vehicular access only.

  • Reduce the overall amount of traffic coming onto campus.

Create an access plan that works for the majority of pupils on campus, including the removal of locked gates at Stones Manor Lane entrance, and the reopening of the pathway over Hartford High School to link Stones Manor lane with Greenbank.

St Wilfrid’s Parents Travel Survey.

A Parents Travel Survey has been sent out to all parents and carers on Friday 3rd July 2015. Please take the time to fill it in and send it back. It is your opportunity to have your say; let us know about your travel experiences and helps create a bigger picture of travel routes and issues parents and children face. The working party will analyse the survey. From the information we will have evidence to take to other bodies but just as importantly, it will help us to look at which safe routes to school we need to focus our attentions on. PLEASE FILL IN THE FORM AND RETURN IT ASAP.

Park & Stride

Park and Stride is an idea to encourage more people to walk to and from school-see their website for further ideas.  We already have our own version as parents park by Greenbank Railway Station and stride into school with their children. If you know of any other good places to Park and Stride let me know and I’ll pass the details on via this Road Safety page.

Parking on Greenbank Lane

We are very aware of the difficulties parents face when parking for school. However please remember we are part of a wider community and ask that you do not park on grass verges or block resident’s driveways.

Incidents Logged

I am keeping a log of incidents as we continue to work with CWAC on improving safety for those children and parents who walk or cycle to school. Please report any incidents including cars and buses mounting the kerb or near incidents to the school office or to my e-mail at

Keeping Our Children Safe

On a number of occasions I have been out taking photographs and observing traffic and pedestrians on Greenbank lane and at the entrance to the Campus; gathering evidence to support our communication with CWAC. Some of what I have witnessed has been quite scary; including buses, cars and taxis mounting the pavements. But just as concerning are the children running ahead of parents; adults and children crossing roads without looking, and drivers using mobile phones. Children learn by example from adults, however children cannot judge the speed of vehicles, or how far away they are from them and they certainly cannot anticipate if a bus or car might come too close to them. The Hartford area has one of the highest densities of school traffic (stationary and moving), and pedestrians in Cheshire. Please teach, and show your children how to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK – it might save their life.



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