Young PTA Background

Young PTA

Research demonstrates that young leaders need broad experience to develop their strengths, judgement, character and identify their calling.

We know every child has a talent, some know what theirs is already and some just haven’t figured it out yet. We hope to be part of facilitating this learning and adding further value to their aspirations.

The Vision

To discover, motivate and unlock our young people’s talents and leadership potential.


Born out of providing an opportunity for the children who found themselves helping at events (because their parents were volunteering) to “shine in their own right”, we initially set out to replicate the structure of a PTA to raise funds for a project or resources at school. Monthly meetings were established to mirror those of a PTA with elected roles of Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Marketing and other committee roles to deliver and manage the fundraising activities. Young PTA is a great source of support to PTA by assisting in the promoting of events and participating at events too. It further enhances the success of events by attracting other children and parents.

Mentoring the children in these roles we identify further opportunities to develop their skills and understanding of the wider working world and community.

Any child at school can join YPTA, it is not linked to whether their parents are involved in the PTA.

Format of meeting:

We meet straight after school @ 3pm with light refreshments of fruit, biscuits and a drink of juice or water.

At the first meeting of each new school year we discuss roles for Year 6 to take on as committee members and what our objectives for the year might be, i.e. project to support at school and fundraise for as well as a local charity to support.

At the end of each half term the Year 6 committee will facilitate a formal meeting to share news and update to the remaining Young PTA members.


  • Fundraising including planning, ideas, negotiating support
  • Leadership activities
  • Annual Careers evening 
  •  Meet inspiring leaders and talks - normally brought into a monthly meeting for discussion and Q & A.
    • These can include local business leaders, Community leaders, health & wellbeing leaders, Farmers, Banks/financial advisors, Local Newspaper editor/photographer, MP/Mayor, Barristers/Professionals, Police/Fire/Ambulance/Dentist, Sports leaders/Olympians and any others children have expressed an interest in for a career Representative from YPTA to attend PTFA meeting to feedback/learn what needs promoting


• Building confidence

• Increased self esteem

• Increased motivation

• Awareness of their own leadership skills and potential

• Awareness of their ability to make life choices

• Team skills

• Public speaking

• Experience and transferable skills in running meetings, reporting, agendas, taking minutes, understanding finances etc

• Fundraising skills

• Greater insight into school’s needs/budgets/impact a community can have together

• Community awareness

• Awareness of future careers

• Vision for future

• Value diversity

• Cross curricular improvement

• Improved academic motivation

• Talent buddies

Longer Term Impact

• Vision for career/self

• Aspirational platform

• Improving employment opportunities

• Confidence about public speaking

• Increased adult networks external to family and friends

• Commerce

• Ownership of choices

Contact Us

St Wilfrid's Primary School

Greenbank Lane, Hartford

Northwich, Cheshire


Tel: 01606 663 630