Starting School in 2022

Welcome to St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School

Reception Class starting September 2022

We are delighted that you have chosen St Wilfrid's as your child's school. We are currently awaiting Local Authority confirmation of accepted places and as soon as we receive this we will be in touch with you.

Please find below information we think will be useful for when your child starts school.

Ready for school checklist Start School Clipart

In order to promote your childs independence when he/she starts school please could you encourage/help your child with the following important skills.

Can your child:

  • Respond to an adult or ask for help?
  • Put their coat on and off, managing the zip/buttons?
  • Get changed into shorts and t-shirt for PE quickly?
  • Fold their clothes into a neat pile?
  • Go to the toilet and wash their hands independently?
  • Get a tissue and blow their nose unprompted?
  • Carry a plate and eat with a knife and a fork?
  • Unwrap food packaging including peeling fruit?
  • Tidy up toys and put things away unprompted?
  • Wait for their turn when an adult is busy with others?
  • Comply with reasonable adult requests promptly


Please see the 'Starting School Booklet' in the files tab and the 'Starting School Checklist'.



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