E Cadets

E Cadets

At St Wildrid’s, we have established an E Cadet club which will further help your children stay safe online. The club is made up of 2 class members from each of the KS2 classes. The club are set challenges where they will learn a new aspect of e-safety each term. They need to complete these challenges to move onto the next level. The challenges are marked externally (see link for website (

The children complete the challenges and then convey the information to their classes so all pupils are informed.



Our first task was to find out about digital footprints.

When you go online, you leave a mark. Imagine it like a footprint in the snow. There will be a record of what websites you have visited. Computer experts can always find where you have been.

This includes websites, online games, online shopping, Facebook, Snapchat etc. Always be careful with what you say and with what you put on the Internet. Once it’s on, you may not be able to get it back!


Our first summer task was to find out how to stay safe when searching for information on the internet.


We found out that google is by far the most popular search engine but there are others.

Did you know that there are ways of staying safe online?

The first is to use a child friendly search engine. These are on the school website if you can’t remember them. These will stop some websites from being shown on your computer or tablet.

It will also show you sites that are designed for children and may have better information on them.

The school keeps you safe from unwanted websites by having something called a firewall. This means it stops some websites from being shown in the school. It can be complicated to set up but every school has one.

Sometimes however, some websites will have things on it that you may feel is not appropriate for you. If you do come across inappropriate material, please tell an adult rather than your friends.

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