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Democracy at St Wilfrid’s Primary School

UPDATE 9th JUNE 2017

Houses of Parliament

In April St Wilfrid’s had a visitor from the Education Outreach team based in the Houses of Parliament. Mrs Dodson presented an assembly explaining the democratic and political processes of the UK to all our Key Stage 2 children. In addition she ran a “parliamentary debate” for the very vocal Year 5 pupils. The morning proved to be successful and informative to all of Year 5; so much so that Year 5 wanted other opportunities to discuss ideas they felt passionate about.

Democracy at St Wilfrid’s

Following the announcement that the country would be voting in a General Election on the 8th of June, it was decided that St Wilfrid’s Year 5 would hold an Election. Before half term all of Year 5 were offered the chance to create their own parties and a manifesto; a manifesto that was sensible, realistic, and achievable but also provide a benefit to the school.

Three parties came forward…

St. Wilfrid’s Little Labour Party [LLP]

Policy Aims– Improving Citizenship in School

Party Members

  • Olivia H-Leader

  • Faith H-Deputy Leader

  • Mia S-MP

  • Oliver G-MP

  • Lucca BM-MP

Actions Party members will take:

  • Each Class to have 2 children representative to listen to other children so they don’t feel lonely or sad [Representatives to wear a badge so they can be identified].

  • To encourage manners throughout the school all the time and to learn about respect

  • To have Good Citizenship Award for each class.

  • To have a Citizenship Friday (or half day) once a term. We would ask adults to come in and share their jobs and experiences with classes.

  • We would ask Grandparents to talk about their experiences and lives.

  • We would learn about banking, what it’s like to be at High school, College, or University and other things like that.

  • Each Month on a Friday the children would vote for a school meal of their choice.


St. Wilfrid’s Fantastic Four Party [FFP]

Policy Aims – Fun Friday

Party Members

  • Emily-Leader

  • Ellie-Deputy Leader

  • Abbie-MP

  • Dillon-MP

Actions Party members will take:

  • To make lunchtimes more enjoyable by having a Prize Draw for those who have school diners and have a clean plate – we want to stop waste.

  • To encourage more children to eat fruit and vegetables by providing fruit in the playground for all [ when surplus in office or kitchen]

  • To have a monthly football tournament on Friday for each key stage to encourage boys and girls to join in.

  • Once a month (for one hour on a Friday) let the children choose which lesson they want to go to –Each teacher will be able to choose a topic or subject of their choice and it’s up to the children which lesson they go to within their year group.


St Wilfrid’s Improvement Party [S.W.I.P]

Policy Aims – Playtime, Lunchtime and Wet Play Improvements

Party Members

  • Edward M - Leader

  • Milly O- Deputy Leader

  • Alvaro MT -MP

  • Joe Eaton- MP

  • Rosie G-MP

  • Grace R-MP

Actions Party members will take:

  • We will interact and talk with children so they are not bored. We will listen to their ideas.

  • Any child who is alone will be approached and encouraged to join in and find a friend.

  • We will work with the Dinner Ladies & Sports Captains to ensure there are different daily activities on the playground at lunchtime for the different key stages

  • At Wet Play we will organise 3 set activities for each Key Stage for example a quiet reading room, a movie room, drawing sessions room or construction room or a board games room etc.

  • Once a term we will organise mini markets to raise money for playtime improvement activities.

  • We will also talk to PTFA to see if they can donate some money or games for our activities.


Election Week

This week each party made posters and badges and told their fellow pupils about their manifestos. On Thursday 8th June all KS2 had the opportunity to vote. On Friday 9th June the votes were counted by our election officials Harrison and Eleanor, who then presented an assembly to announce St Wilfrid’s Election Results. I’m pleased to announce we did not have a “Hung” result.

The winning party was S.W.I.P.

SWIP gave a very generous and professional acceptance speech and on behalf of themselves and the school congratulated the gracious losers in the Election.

Generous Donation to S.W.I.P by Emily

Recently one of our pupils Emily W won First Prize in creating an Easter Egg Design. She won a very large and delicious Chocolate egg, but also £250 for the school. After seeing the enthusiasm and ideas generated by St Wilfrid’s Election she has kindly suggested the winning party -S.W.I.P. should have the £250 to spend on Playground and classroom resources. Emily presented the cheque for £250 to Edward and his party.

What Next for The St Wilfrid’s Parties?

Firstly SWIP will start planning how spend the money, and the Little Labour Party and the Fantastic Four Party will have the opportunity to put some of their ideas into practice as well.



What is the Children’s Parliaments ?

  • It’s like the Parliament at Westminster but is much smaller. This parliament is for children-not adults!

  • Each school in Northwich has 2 pupils who represent them. These pupils are like local MPs putting forward ideas and concerns which their constituents (pupils in school) have about Northwich.

Who belongs to Northwich Children’s Parliament?

  • There are 26 schools from Northwich and the surrounding area that are represented in the Parliament.

What are the aims of Northwich Children’s Parliament?

  • The aim is to address concerns that primary school pupils have in Northwich.

Who Represents St Wilfrid’s Primary School in Northwich Children’s Parliament?

  • Eleanor M

  • Harrison M

What Next?

  • Design a logo for the Children’s Parliament–see competition details – Please see notice board for our competition winners


Monday 13th February 2017 Update

Northwich Children’s Parliament

At our last meeting we decided which logo was going to be the logo for Northwich Children’s Parliament. The winner was Natalie from Sandiway Primary School.

We would like to say a big WELL DONE! to everyone who entered St Wilfrid’s design a logo competition. It was a tough decision to make as to whose logo we chose to take to show all the schools in Northwich.

At the Meeting of the Children’s Parliament on Thursday 26 January 2017

We also decided on which 3 priorities we are going to focus on for the future. The group decided on:

. Litter in the town centre and near schools

. Work alongside Junior Road Safety Officers to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists in the town centre and around schools

. Visit the Houses of Parliament



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