Year 4 Star 2019 - 2020

Mrs Stokes

Class Teacher

Mrs Cannavan

Class Teacher

Mrs Coleman

SEN Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 4

Mrs Stokes and Mrs Cannavan are very excited about this year, they have lots of fun and exciting learning planned!

Class assembly: 25th Oct 2019. We'd love to see as many of you as possible in school to support the children. Our assembly will be starting at 9am.

Homework - Please check your child's diary for homework details!

This week's homework (w/c 7.10.19)

Maths CGP book page 52 Due: Mon 21st Oct

CGP book  Page: 7 (adverbs) and pages 82 & 83 on the 'ure' word ending

CGP book Page:  (pronouns) pages 8 & 9

Due: Wed 9th Oct

Due:Wed 16th Oct


Last week's words: circle, complete, consider, continue

Last week's spelling pattern: words ending in 'ure' (spelling rule 9 on

This week's words: decide, describe, different, difficult

This week's spelling pattern: words with the prefixes 'in', 'il', 'ir', and 'im' (part of spelling rule 4 & 5 on


Due: Tues 15th Oct

Due: Tues 22nd Oct

Reading Daily reading of books for pleasure - including a wide variety of text types: poetry, stories, explanation texts, instruction texts, newspapers, graphic novels, picture books etc. Have fun!! In class during guided reading, write up a book review when you've completed a book.
Topic Homework grids have been sent home. This year we will not be sending home the green books as so few pages were used last year as many of the tasks are not written ones. However, the children have been informed to ask us for paper should they require any on which to do their homework.

Activity 1: Mon 30th Sept

Activity 2: Mon 21st Oct

Activity 3: Mon 18th Nov

Further information on Spellings - Spelling lists or activities will be given out weekly. The expectation is that your child should learn these spellings. Spelling tests will not be weekly (we will spend more time on the teaching of spelling patterns) but when we test words they will be taken from those set each week since the beginning of term to keep these fresh in their memory.

Helpful website to practise spellings: Look particularly at Year 3&4 spelling rules: 3,4, 5, 9,16,19,25 and 26 which have been covered so far. (Rule 27 has a couple of this week's spellings on it too).

Week 1

accident(ally),  actual(ly),   address,  answer,

ay sound spelled 'eigh', 'ei', 'ey' (weight, vein, grey)
Week 2

appear, arrive, believe, bicycle

sh sound spelled 'ch' (machine, chic)
Week 3

breath, breathe, build, busy, business

consolidation of above and test
Week 4

caught, century, centre, and certain

u sound spelled 'ou' (rough, couple)
Week 5

circle, complete, consider, continue

'ure' endings (treasure, creature)
Week 6

decide, describe, different, difficult

Prefixes 'in', 'im', 'ir' and 'il'
Week 7    
Week 8    

Times Tables - This year there will be a times table test for Year 4 children - similar to the phonics screening test in Year 1. It will test the children on their knowledge of tables 1-12. Knowledge of tables is absolutely necessary to accessing many areas of the Maths National Curriculum. They will have a computerised test and will have 6 seconds to answer each question so prompt recall is necessary and not just the ability to puzzle them out. It is essential for the children to practise as often as possible for this test. We will be doing what we can in school but appreciate any help at home. The following website will allow you to practise times tables in a similar way to the test.

Topic / Science Curriculum: 

Autumn Spring Summer
Europe (Geography) Ancient China (History) Vikings (History)
Digestive System States of Matter Sound
Classification Keys The Water Cycle Electricity

PE on Mondays and Fridays

Please ensure your child has their full PE kit for the correct day. Yellow cards will be given for children who repeatedly forget their kits. This half term we are in the hall doing dance and would like children to have pumps rather than trainers. 

Water bottles

Please send your child with a water bottle which is refreshed daily. These should not be left in school overnight as they will not be washed. However, cups are available for children to use if bottles are lost or forgotten. In line with our school healthy eating policy please be reminded that only water should be in bottles - not juice of any kind. Any juice found in bottles will be poured away and the children will be asked to top up with water. Repeat offenders will receive a yellow card.

Forest School 

Forest School clothing should be brought into school every Wednesday - no matter what the weather. The children will still have to do Forest School even if they forget their kit - but please be informed that the field and woods are incredibly muddy and we do not provide spare kit unless in exceptional cases. Waterproofs have now been supplied for those that have ordered them. Please ensure that children are wrapped up warmly as the weather gets colder. Fleece insoles can be bought from many supermarkets and cut to size to line wellies for children complaining of cold feet - it tends to be the fingers and feet which feel it the most and wellies are great but don't have the best insulation against the cold. We will go out whatever the weather!!

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